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Volker Hartzsch

This is the blog of Volker Hartzsch, a serial entrepreneur, investor, leadership coach and software developer. This blog will explore Volker’s career, his most recently founded companies Block Prime and Sixth Society, and his personal life. It will cover a range of topics, from key considerations for investment beginners to how to think like an entrepreneur.

Volker Hartzsch
Volker Hartzsch
Volker Hartzsch

Volker is the co-founder and director of Block Prime, a company that builds B2B blockchain and web3 tech to provide real-world solutions to clients. There is now more demand for web3 than ever before, which is widely regarded as representing the next chapter in the internet’s evolution.

This emerging tech ecosystem is expected to introduce new incentives, ownership and community models and result in the development of new business relationships, products and services. Web3 will be built on the foundation of NFTs and crypto, allowing for an equitable exchange of value between content creators, the platforms hosting the content and its end consumers.


Services and expertise

Business Mentorship and sector specialisation.

Leadership Coaching

Executives should consider bringing a leadership coach on board to (for example) reinvigorate current leadership strategies.


NFTs have become increasingly popular over the past year. Volker has started a community of entrepreneurs and investors keen to be at the forefront of the crypto-web3 industry of the future.


Volker has invested in more than 23 start-ups, and has a proven track record of multiplying investments.



Volker Hartzsch has built and sold 19 companies over the past 22 years. The companies that Volker has founded include Maibach Holding Inc., Matrix Global Inc. UK, Profit Business Systems Inc.

Web3 And NFT’s 

NFT stands for non-fungible token; these tokens are cryptographic assets on a blockchain that each have a unique identification code and embedded metadata. No NFT can be replicated, and they can represent real-world items such as real estate or artwork. NFTs can also be used to represent an individual’s identity or property rights, for example.

Volker Hartzsch
Volker Hartzsch
Volker Hartzsch

NFTs have become increasingly popular over the past year. The company Sixth Society is a community of entrepreneurs and investors keen to be at the forefront of the crypto-web3 industry of the future. Sixth Society offers ‘superpowers’ to its members. The first of these revolves around community building and affiliation. By inviting their network to join their ‘tribe’, members can use the tech on offer to organize their group; this tribe remains under the ownership of the member, and on the blockchain, forever. Payments from new members are shared back to the introducing member’s wallets, and revenue from Sixth Society is also shared back via airdrop to every tribe builder.

The second ‘superpower’ offered by Sixth Society is access to an NFT master key that gives members tangible, real-world benefits. These include the ability to attend physical attends without the need to buy tickets and online conferences without having to make a reservation. Digital content can also be accessed without subscription using this NFT key. Master keys can be kept, collected or sold.

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