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Volker Hartzsch has built and sold 19 companies over the past 22 years and invested in more than 23 start-ups. He has a proven track record of multiplying investments and, through his leadership coaching activities, has assisted more than 180 people to achieve a seven-figure annual income.

Volker Hartzsch

My Story

The companies that Volker has founded include Maibach Holding Inc., Matrix Global Inc. UK, Profit Business Systems Inc., and Hybrid Evolution Marketing Inc. His most recently formed businesses are Block Prime and Sixth Society.

Volker attended the University of Dusseldorf in Germany from 1989 to 1992, where he studied Philosophy, Economics and Sport – graduating with a Sport Trainer Leader diploma. This experience has been vital in his work as a business coach and trainer, enabling him to advise clients on all aspects of leadership coaching.

Volker set out on his career in entrepreneurship and investment upon leaving university. Along the way he gained qualification as a rhetoric and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) coach, and became an expert in the fields of online marketing and traffic arbitrage.

For Volker transparency in business is crucial, as is delivering on promises no matter what, and he has brought this overarching ethos to the companies he has founded. He cites his biggest enterprise as a business that achieved $650 million in sales a year, with offices in 19 countries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Volker was trained in rhetoric and dialectic by Samy Molcho, a former mime artist who is now a body-language communication expert. Samy has published several books and held numerous workshops to teach his techniques.


For Volker it’s important in business to create trends rather than follow them. At the start of his career, Volker spent nine years working in sales and marketing for some of the biggest insurance companies in the industry; during this time, he became convinced that he could create a better business model himself and decided to start out on the entrepreneurial path.


Volker has an eclectic range of outside interests. He enjoys spending time in nature and relaxing listening to jazz music – Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson, and Bill Evans are particular favourites – as well as reading. Bikes, cars and racing are further hobbies. he also likes martial arts and practices Muay Thai regularly, which is the national sport of Thailand and is also known as the ‘art of eight limbs.’ The main tenets of Muay Thai are discipline, respect and determination.

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Volker Hartzsch

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