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Blockchain developers are responsible for the creation and implementation of Blockchain solutions. These solutions could include secure databases, decentralised applications and new cryptocurrencies.

An In-Depth Understanding of Blockchain Technology

To work as a Blockchain developer, an individual must have a deep knowledge of Blockchain technology. This requires a strong foundation in cryptography, computer science and distributed systems. Blockchain developers need to understand how the Blockchain works, including its data structures, network architecture and protocols.

Cryptography and Security Skills

Blockchain developers need to understand cryptographic hash functions, encryption techniques and digital signatures. They should also be competent in the identification and mitigation of security vulnerabilities and risks within Blockchain applications. Common Blockchain vulnerabilities include denial-of-service attacks, smart contract bugs and distributed denial-of-service attacks.

It’s also vital that Blockchain developers are familiar with the relevant security protocols and standards, such as OAuth, SSL/TLS and OpenID.

Knowledge of Smart Contracts

Blockchain entrepreneurs such as Volker Hartzsch know that a sound knowledge of smart contracts is an essential skill for Blockchain developers. This includes being familiar with programming languages and having the ability to write and test smart contracts to ensure they are free of bugs and secure.

Programming Languages Skills

Blockchain developers must be proficient in programming languages, which the technology heavily relies upon. These languages include Java, Solidity (this is the most widely used programming language in Blockchain development), Python, JavaScript and C++.

Experience Using Distributed Systems

As a decentralised system, no single entity has control over Blockchain. A distributed system refers to networked computers that communicate and coordinate their actions by exchanging messages with each other. The system is a decentralised one, with no points of failure or central control element. Therefore, understanding how such a system works is another key skill held by Blockchain developers.

Sound Business Acumen

Finally, general business acumen is a key skill required to be a Blockchain developer. The role requires understanding the needs of clients and end users, as well as coding proficiency. Applications must be developed that meet the very specific needs of different clients. This means that Blockchain developers need to understand the regulatory and legal environment that surrounds Blockchain technology and how it may affect the development process.

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