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There are many reasons why people decide to become entrepreneurs. Some are driven by the desire to implement change through their ideas, while others cherish the freedom of time and (potential) financial rewards that come through their work. However, entrepreneurship is a challenge-filled journey, and those who experience success have had to develop a mindset that motivates and leads them to take necessary risks.



Therefore, adopting an entrepreneurial mindset is vital for individuals seeking to tackle challenges head-on, make good decisions and keep charting a way forward. As Volker Hartzsch – an entrepreneur who has built and sold 19 companies in 22 years – knows, anyone willing to put in the effort can develop a mindset that drives them.



What to Do

The entrepreneurial mindset can certainly propel an individual forward in ways they didn’t know. However, it doesn’t happen overnight and requires intentional action in the following ways:

  • Review the Vision: Focusing on a vision is vital to an entrepreneur’s success. This is what allows entrepreneurs to identify what they need to do, even in the thick of the daily grind. As such, it helps to set aside specific time in the day to remind yourself of this vision, an action that can refocus energies towards the right things.
  • Embrace Challenges: Challenges are an inevitable aspect of entrepreneurship and should be embraced, if not sought out. Entrepreneurs should also be open to making mistakes, as putting yourself in challenging situations often develops the skills and confidence needed to succeed.
  • Seek Knowledge: Many successful entrepreneurs are not content with the status quo and aim to improve themselves (or their situations) by acquiring knowledge. Reading and learning new skills are some of the go-to actions that inspire entrepreneurs to become better.
  • Think Differently: If the entrepreneurial mindset could be summed up in just a few words, it would be this: be willing to think differently. This approach to life, and especially to problems or issues, can help to develop the perspective needed to reach sustainable solutions.

It’s Not About Getting Rich

Getting rich is the motivation for many business owners. While attaining financial freedom is a worthy goal to aspire for, it may not necessarily be the best way to think about being an entrepreneur. A more effective way to think about the journey is to focus on providing value to the business so it can provide value to its customers and community.